We believe it is rightful place of every young person to stand confident and engaged within their community.


Olivia Rae Clee-Barnett died suddenly on January 2nd 2011 aged just 17. She had contracted influenza along with a secondary bacterial infection which ultimately resulted in severe sepsis.

In life, she achieved much, having filled her brief 17 years with passion, joy, and creativity. She was a bright, talented, and quite unique young person who embodied the potential of youth.

  The Foundation

The Olivia Rae Foundation was established to honor the memory and spirit of Olivia by supporting local Merseyside groups and individuals through regular grant-making.

The Olivia Rae Foundation operates as a fund administered by Community Foundation for Merseyside and includes a permanent endowment that is able to meet our aims in perpetuity.


Olivia was a confident and creative 17 year old when she died. An aspirational young person poised on the threshold of adult life. The Foundation believes that this is the rightful place of every 17 year old. To stand confident and engaged within their community, open to existing opportunities, supported in creating new ones; unhampered by extreme social, financial, educational, or cultural barriers and constraints.

As a grant maker, the Foundation seeks to promote and support real, grass-roots work with local young people - particularly Arts and Educational projects with groups and individuals that may often find themselves excluded.

We look for projects that challenge perceptions; that promote opportunities; that realise creativity; that inspire young people to aspire and to engage more in their community.

I think of the innumerable lives she would have touched as she journeyed along her path, and what a force for good in the world her life would have been.

Eulogy to Olivia (January, 2011)

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The Olivia Rae Foundation is a fund administered by the Community Foundation for Merseyside (Registered Charity Number: 1068887).